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Mulch is a layer of organic material that is spread over the surface of the ground to reduced evaporation from the soil, therefore conserving water. In hot weather it is extremely effective in keeping the surface roots of plants cooler as it lowers the soil temperature. It also keeps the moisture in the soil and prevents plants from becoming drought stressed. Mulch also offers an added benefit of reducing the number of weeds that pop up over the seasons. Mulch inhibits the germination of weed seeds due to lack of light if applied thickly enough. For these reasons, mulch is a fantastic addition to your landscape, as it will help protect your plants and other lawn features. Mulch will help shrubs, bushes and flowers survive and reduce your garden maintenance. That is why we at Stouts Landscape & Lawn Service offer mulching to Livonia homes and businesses. As professional landscapers and gardeners, we understand the importance of lawn care elements such as mulching in keeping your lawn healthy and lowering upkeep labor. Our skilled team of lawn care professionals is prompt and accurate when spreading mulch in the right areas at the right thickness to ensure maximum results. That is why we are the top choice for Livonia mulching services.

When it comes to mulching, you can count on the expert lawn care contractors at Stouts Landscape & Lawn Service. Our team can help protect your garden and ensure healthy growth of your plants by adding mulch to the areas of your landscape that need it.

Different Mulch for Different Styles

Depending on what type or style of garden you are looking to create, there are many different types of mulches that you can choose from. Some home and business owners like the modern look and opt for using stones whereas other Livonia area residents like the traditional look and choose more of a natural mulch like cedar chips or pine straw. Whatever type of mulch you would like to use, our landscapers can expertly apply it to your lawn when you hire us for mulching service.

Aside from the practical gardening benefits afforded by mulch, another incredible benefit is its aesthetic value. Different mulch types provide different colors and textures that will create varying looks for your landscape. Whether you choose darker mulch, lighter colors, straw or stone, each type of mulch will convey a different atmosphere. Create a refined and elegant look with clean sharp lines and a crisp, dark colored mulch for your business landscape. Or, go with the natural rustic look of pine straw. Whatever type of mulch best suits your needs, Stouts Landscape & Lawn Service can accommodate.

Our Livonia Mulching Specialists Provide the Following Services:
Cedar Chip Mulch | Cocoa Hull Mulch | Pine Straw Mulch | Compost Mulch | Landscape Fabric
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