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We perform all kinds of lawn care and landscaping jobs to ensure your lawn stands out from the rest of the yards in your neighborhood. From tree trimming and tree removal to lawn mowing, you get nothing less than first rate services from us!

We’re Going Green!
At Stouts Landscape & Lawn Service we strive to provide our customers with lawn care and landscaping services that keep their lawns lush, beautiful and green. Contact us today to learn more about our lawn care services, and see how our team of professional Livonia lawn maintenance and landscaping contractors can transform your yard into a beautifully maintained landscape! We love green, lush lawns and we hate weeds and other plant-damaging pests that ruin the look of lawns across the Livonia area. That’s why we are dedicated to offering residential and commercial property owners throughout Michigan quality lawn maintenance services, so that their lawns can stay green and beautiful.

Our lawn maintenance specialists have been providing residential and commercial property owners in the Livonia area with expert lawn maintenance services since 1992. With over 20 years of experience in providing quality lawn care services, you can rest assured that your lawn will be in good hands with our team of landscapers. We are insured and bonded, and we offer flat rate pricing for our lawn maintenance services. Our lawn maintenance professionals can explain all the different lawn, tree and shrub maintenance services available for your area, so you’ll know exactly what to expect when you sign up for our lawn care services. Our lawn maintenance service is year-round and all inclusive with a flat monthly fee.

 What Homeowners in Livonia Are Saying About Us
“Ron called back within about an hour that same day (a Sunday) and scheduled the job within a week. Very professional, great clean up, did not damage my lawn at all while ripping out 5 old boxwood bushes in front of my house and hauling them away. I would recommend them! A++”

-Miki G., Livonia, MI

If you are looking for More information about our Livonia lawn care and landscape services then please call 734-634-0404 (South Division) or 989-590-8099 (North Division) or complete our online request form.



What can I do to make my lawn healthier?

Proper watering and mowing are the two biggest concerns. You need to mow at least once a week during growth periods. When mowing, sharp mower blades are extremely important. Rusty or dull blades rip the grass instead of cutting it, providing opportunities for problems, such as diseases, to infest the lawn. As for irrigation, you don't want to over water because that will set the grass up for disease problems as well. At the same time, under watering stresses the turf and creates opportunities for weeds to grow. Be sure that your sprinkler system covers the lawn well and irrigates deeply to encourage deep root growth which makes the turf less susceptible to drought. Lastly, as your landscape develops, keep an eye on trees and shrubs and make sure they remain properly pruned or thinned to allow sufficient light to reach the lawn.

Why do I need a lawn care company?

One big reason is that you're hiring an expert who can diagnose problems. We can tell you whether or not the problem with your lawn is a disease, an insect or simply a lack of water, and that can be challenging for you, the homeowner, to do alone. In addition, when you hire  Stouts Landscape & Lawn Service, you're buying a guarantee for results, and that's not always the case when you're buying products right off the shelf. We can offer our customers this type of commitment, because we know we're applying the right amount of the right products at the right time, and do-it-yourselfers can't be sure of that. We'll keep coming out until the lawn meets your satisfaction. Plus, putting down the right product at the right rate and at the right time is especially important for many lawn problems, including crabgrass, and in some areas of the country you may have to apply an herbicide twice to get control. We'll make sure that happens.

Is fertilizer important?

Lawns require fertilizer to maintain health and vigor. A well-fertilized lawn will be better at preventing weed infestation as well as drought and disease. Lawns that are thick and healthy can help the environment by producing oxygen, filtering and enhancing ground water quality, cooling the air during hot weather, trapping and absorbing urban dust and pollution, and providing a safer playing surface. It also helps people feel better about themselves and their surroundings. Stouts Landscape & Lawn Service offers our proprietary 24-4-16, 65% Slow Release Granular Fertilizer. Fertilizers must be applied evenly and at the proper rate to prevent burning or leaving stripes on the lawn. Your Stouts Landscape & Lawn Service professional will be happy to help.

When should I cut the grass?

Your lawn should be mowed regularly at a proper height. This means that your lawn may require mowing more than once a week during peak growth and only once every two weeks during periods of slow growth. Since the root system of a grass plant grows proportionately to the above ground parts of the plant, a longer cutting height results in a stronger, deeper root system.
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